If the underground is home to the sound of the future main-floor, then EverythingOShauN is on the elevator, ascending to his rightful position.

The Canadian hip-hop artist/emcee represents the independent hustle to the fullest, crafting his success by continuously doing things outside the box. He provides listeners with a unique flavour of witty melodies and relentless spirit while embracing the tantalizing flavours of the island, the heartbeat of the motherland, and a dash of that dark Toronto sound that is crafted by his go-to producer & brother Xpress aka DJXP.

EverythingOShauN was born to parents of Nigerian and Jamaican lineage in the vibrant cradle of Toronto. Being raised with an appreciation for the performing arts, he quickly grew a fascination that would soon – though he didn’t know it yet – become his craft. For him, creating music almost comes second nature: embodying consciousness, everyday struggles, and feelings of all kinds while conveying them creatively for the purpose of inspiration and enjoyment is his end goal.

His debut EP Until Now was an independent release that dropped in early 2016, receiving positive reviews from blogs and fans across the world. From there, EverythingOShauN has been seen hitting stages at some of the biggest music festivals across the nation, including Toronto’s Manifesto, Atlanta’s A3C, Austin’s SXSW and Canadian Music Week.

With an abundance of energy and exhilaration put into his live shows, 2018 presents even greater opportunities for the artist as he sets to take his music to vast locations and bigger stages. When it comes to Everything Over Everything Else, EverythingOShauN is ready to show it to the world!




MORE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/EverythingOShauN